Chef Keenan

Meet Chef Keenan

Born in Louisville, Kentucky, and raised in Los Angles, CA and Houston, TX, Chef Keenan Williams II began his culinary journey at the age of six. The kitchen became his playground under the vigilant shadow of his dad (Chef Keenan Sr.) However, Chef Keenan's actual sparkle for cooking came from preparing Sunday Dinners with his mom and grandma Fannie Mae. By the age of seventeen, Chef Keenan had secured a part-time job with a small catering company where he started sharpening his culinary abilities and acquiring the hospitality profession. After obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Chef Keenan secured a position as a prep cook with the corporate conglomerate Aramark, eventually working his way to Sous Chef. Since his departure, Chef Keenan has managed the cost of his abilities to private-possessed eateries and began his organization, "Table South" where he boosted his artistic liberty to learn and foster an appreciation for an assortment of cooking styles like Fusion, New American, and, most as of late, Molecular Gastronomy.